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Jersey Wooly

Jersey Woolies are just a great little rabbit.  They are very calm and can be on the timid side.   A lot of folks think their wool is hard to maintain but it isn't.  They are really easy to keep up and doesn't require a lot of brushing as some of the larger wool breeds.  We are concentrating on breeding the Wooly in the Agouti colors.

Hughes' Thad
Born 2/2/2013
Vienna Carrier


Love this little guy.  Have had great comments from Judges so far on him.  We look forward to showing him more.  He is very sweet as well.

Hughes' Olive
Born 2/12/2013
 Vienna Carrier
2 Legs


Olive has already proven herself as a great show winner.  Her first show out she took 2 BOSB.  We look forward to showing her more and hope she can get that last leg to be Granded.  Awesome doe!!!

Fairy Tales Tinnie
Born 7/30/2013
Vienna Marked


Tinnie is just that a very tiny guy.  He is just adorable and so very sweet.  We just love love this rabbit.  He has produced some nice babies thus far.  We hope we are able to get a BEW out of him.  Thanks to Fairy Tale Rabbitry for this great little guy.

K&B's Cuddles
Born 6/27/2009
Siamese Sable


Cuddles is a full sister to Snuggles and they look almost like twins except for their colors.  Cuddles is very active in her cage and always on the move.  We look forward to showing her for the 2010 season.  Cuddles is currently bred to a beautiful smoke pearl marten for a March 2010 litter, we can't wait to see these little cuties.

Hughes' Excalibur
Born 11/16 2009
Sable Marten
2 Best of Group
1 Leg


Excalibur is our first home growen baby.  He is very compact and just a nice looking little guy.  We will start showing him this April 2010.  We are excited to see how he does as we have high hopes for this little guy.

K&B's Ewok
Born  2/04/2011
Sable Point


Ewok is one of the most beautiful colors of woolies I have seen.  The photo does not do him justice.  He is a very typey guy and extremelly gentle.

K&B's Squeaker
Born 2/16/2009


Squeaker is the mom to both Snuggles and Cuddles.  When she came up for sale we jumped at the chance to own this little tort doe.  We are so pleased with her offspring and felt she would be a great assest to our Wooly herd.  She is so sweet and gets her name from all the little noises she makes as she is very vocal.

K&B's Ladybug
Born 2/22/2010
Broken Blue


How cute is she.  Ladybug is such a pretty little doe.  She is an excellent mother and has such pretty babies.  We really like this photo of her as it really shows her off well.

K&B's Cupid
Born 6/03/2011
Pointed Black


Cupid has such an awesome body..just love his type.  He is a bit long in the ear..but we were after body type.  Both his mom and grandma are Grand Champions.  He has produced his first litter and just love the looks of the babies that we are keeping both.  Nice big heads and typey bodies..he is a great asset to our Woolies.

Hughes' Piper
Born 6/03/2010
Black Otter Doe


Piper is shown here at just 3 months old.  We were so excited to see we finally got a black otter and a doe to boot.  We will be showing Piper this fall and think she is showing great promise as a nice little show doe.